Management Policies

Management Policies
Customers are most important
“It is delightful for us to be appreciated and trusted by customers”
We will always cultivate our proposal power and technological capability to respond to customer needs and aim to become a company capable of providing excellent solutions to customers’ information system problems.
Management emphasizing the individuality of employees and respecting for humanity “The company is a place that provides venue for allowing an individual’s ability to be demonstrated”
Making use of individuality and respecting individual human nature, we are always conscious of a company as a place for worthwhile self-realization according to one’s ability and competence.
We also focus on mutual education and learning for mutual growth.
Non-debt management
“A company must be on the premise of a going concern”
Acting up to non-debt management, we maintain a proper balance between human resources, technology, finance and information and aim at stable growth even if it is small.
Challenging an intellectual-creation business
“We aspire to becoming a small but strong company, which cultivates an intellectual creative imagination and shifts focus to other parts of the world”
We will develop a positive corporate culture by cultivating our intellectual ability and imaginative power, aiming at a creative company which enables us to compete with the international business.


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